I came across this problem a few days ago and thought I would do a quikc post on how to fix this problem.  The problem is that in freecell the columns get all screwed up and the cards no longer line up in their correct columns. This can get worse as you play the game and then it gets to the point where you get even see other cards. So here is how to fix this.

1) Close out the freecell game then go to my computer and then click on the c drive and then double click on the users folder and then go to your folder.

2) Now go to saved games folder and click on microsoft games and you will see a folder called freecell. Double click on the freecell folder and then delete everything under there.

Example of folder path would be

example c:\users\owner\savedgames\microsoftgames\freecell

3) Now go back and open up freecell and it should look normal again.

I hope this helps someone as this took me some searching on the internet to figure this out. Please post any comments if you have questions or problems.