So today I came across an odd problem where excel 2007 was taking anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to open files.  The weird thing was that if the excel program was already open it would open up the files quickly, so I knew it had to be excel 2007 and not the files.  So after digging around the internet and trying mutliple things I came across the solution.  Its an easy fix.

Perform the following steps below. 

1.      Click on Start and go to settings and click on Control Panel.

2.      Double click on Folder Options and select File Types tab.

3.      Select XLS file type extension and click on Advanced.

4.      Highlight Open under actions and click Edit.

 In the dialog box that appears you need to make two adjustments:

1) At the end of the line after /e append a space character followed by “%1” (including the quotes)

2) Uncheck “Use DDE”.

3) Now Click OK three times to close out all the windows.

Now try and open up one of your excel files and it should open up quickly.

Came across this error today after installing adobe professional on a laptop.  When the user opened up word it came up with this error message.  It’s easy to fix and all you need to do is:

1) Open the Control Panel, double-click Programs &
Features, find and select Office 2007 or Office 2003 (depending on whats installed on your computer)

2) Click on the Change button. Chose Add or Remove
Features. From the list, expand Office Shared Features, click on the little
arrow attached to Visual Basic for Applications and select the Run from My
Computer Option.

3) Click Continue. Setup will then install the VBA code that
you need. Note: You may need to put your installation CD so it can copy the necessary files.

Now when you open up Word this error will not appear and you should be all set.