I was called to help out an upgrade from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 16. The overall process of upgrading was pretty easy and no problems in converting the files and getting the desktops upgraded.

I did get a call a couple of days later as users were unable to send emails from the Filemaker database via a custom script they had. Here is a screen shot of the server busy error message you get from outlook when sending an email from Filemaker.

filemaker 16 server busy message

After some troubleshooting and calling Filemaker tech support, we found that outlook was running a 32 bit version and Filemaker 16 was running a 64 bit version. Apparently these programs need to be on the same version (either both 64 bit or 32 bit).

Because outlook was already installed on all the computers in this office I uninstalled the 64 bit version of Filemaker and installed the 32 bit one. Once I did this sending emails worked again like it should and no other problems were found.

So if you are getting this same type of error, take a look at which version of Filemaker and outlook you are running and make them the same.

Have you ever had your phone die but still needed to send a text message? Or maybe you are working on your laptop and don’t have a cell phone signal? You can send a text message from your email to the person you are trying to reach. The only catch is that you do need to know the other persons cell phone provider.

send text messages from your computer

Send Text Through Email:
  • AT&T: @text.att.net
  • Boost Mobile: @sms.myboostmobile.com
  • Cricket: @sms.mycricket.com
  • Metro PCS: @mymetropcs.com
  • Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
  • U.S. Cellular: @email.uscc.net
  • Verizon: @vtext.com (or @vzwpix.com to send video & pictures)
  • Virgin Mobile: @vmobl.com

Example: If you wanted to send a text message to your friend who is with Sprint and their phone number is 321-987-6543 you would email 321-987-6543@messaging.sprintpcs.com and they would get your email via text message. If the email is long it will be broken up into multiple text messages. When they respond back it will go to your email inbox where you sent it from.

If there are other carriers you would like me to add to this list make a comment below and I will add to this list. So next time your in the airport, out of the country or don’t have cell phone service you can still keep in contact with friends and family.


Here is a quick tip for today.

If you ever have to recreate your profile or install outlook onto a new computer and your use to seeing the list of email addresses in the TO: section come up as you type in a persons name then this tip is for you.

On your old computer you’ll need to navigate to your users profile directory. eg: c:\users\<username>\application data\microsoft\outlook or do a search of NK2 and make sure you select search hidden and system files.

You’ll find a file name with an extension of .NK2 example: outlook.NK2 and you’ll need to copy this file to a usb drive and then transfer this file into the new user profile on the new computer in the same directory. example: c:\users\<newuser>\application data\microsoft\outlook

Now when you open up outlook and create a new email and start typing in a persons name it will show you a list like you had it before.

If you have any questions please feel free to post.


So I came across this problem the other day and thought I would say what I did to resolve this problem. The computer would load certain websites OK like yahoo, espn, and bing. But would not load Google or AOL facebook and many others. I first ran a malwarebytes scan which found a couple of things and after cleaning things up and restarting the computer, I was still unable to load the Google homepage.

After some more research I found that when I ping google.com it was coming back with a 87.139 ip address range. I checked the host file and didn’t see anything abnormal. So after checking out a few more things and further research I determined the computer had a rootkit and was redirecting all these websites to a different IP. I downloaded and ran TSSKiller.exe  which found a rootkit and was able to successfully remove it. After another restart I was able to access Google and other sites with no problem.

Hopes this helps anyone as this was a tricky one to figure out.


I came across this error today and though I would share with you the quick fix for this.  The user was using outlook 2003 and was getting an error message when trying to accept a meeting request. It gave an error of “This meeting is not in the calendar. It may have been moved or deleted.” So here is what you need to do.

1) Restart your computer.

2) Once computer boots back up you need to do a search of the file frmcache.dat and delete this file.

3) Now open outlook backup and you should be able to now accept meeting request.

I also read that if this doesn’t work that you can try and run outlook from the run command and type in outlook.exe /cleanreminders  I haven’t tried this but read that this had helped others.


UPDATE: I was also informed that if those don’t work then you need to run a scanpst fix and this should solve the problem. Do a search for scanpst.exe then run a scan on your pst file.  To find your PST file, open up outlook then click on file and select data file management. Under filename expand the column and you’ll see the full path and name of your pst file. Now close out outlook and browse to your pst file and run a scan.  RG