***Updated 6/5/2012***

I just came across this offer and thought I would share it with everyone. You can get Norton Internet Security 2012 software for only $23.99 (which is a $56 savings over the retail cost of $79.99). This offer is only good till 6/09/12. Click here to view the offer.

 This is a great deal and if you currently don’t have an antivirus software this would be good one to get. If you feel this is still too expensive then you can always try a free one call Avast. So either download Avast or buy Norton but just make sure you have some kind of antivirus protection on your computer to prevent many hours of headache should you ever get a virus.

So I came across this problem the other day and thought I would say what I did to resolve this problem. The computer would load certain websites OK like yahoo, espn, and bing. But would not load Google or AOL facebook and many others. I first ran a malwarebytes scan which found a couple of things and after cleaning things up and restarting the computer, I was still unable to load the Google homepage.

After some more research I found that when I ping google.com it was coming back with a 87.139 ip address range. I checked the host file and didn’t see anything abnormal. So after checking out a few more things and further research I determined the computer had a rootkit and was redirecting all these websites to a different IP. I downloaded and ran TSSKiller.exe  which found a rootkit and was able to successfully remove it. After another restart I was able to access Google and other sites with no problem.

Hopes this helps anyone as this was a tricky one to figure out.


So I came across a computer today that had some very odd symptoms such as: 1) When I would try to go to the windows update website I would get a blank page 2) I couldn’t start system restore to try and do  a system restore from days or even weeks prior 3) A lot of web pages and sites weren’t displaying correctly although some were ok, 4) Many applications weren’t working right and I even tried to do a system scan with the McAfee anti virus the user had.

So after doing a bunch of research online and booting the computer in safe mode to check things out it turns out a bunch of stuff was unregistered. So here’s what I did and it worked for me: I ran the following commands to reregister the following.
regsvr32 jscript
regsvr32 vbscript
regsvr32 /i mshtml

then ran hitman pro 3.5 and combofix to find and remove the rootkits and malware that was on this computer.  I also ran a full virus scan afterwards just to make sure everything was clean.
This solved the problem and the computer is now back to normal. 

I will be doing another write up on hitman pro and combo fix along with some of the other virus and malware tools I use to find and clean viruses, malware and rootkits on computers.  Hitman Pro use to be free but now cost like $20 to buy in order for it to remove the stuff it finds.  I have bought this program and highly recommend it as it does find a lot of the malware and rootkits and is able to remove them with no problem.

Hope this helps and let me know of programs you have found that help remove malware and viruses.