Does your sprint phone voice messages all of sudden start going straight to text? Do you get a message saying “(some number) has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. To listen call 650-603-0000 or click: (bunch of numbers)?” And when you try and call the number you just get a busy dial tone.

I recently came across this problem on my own phone and was soo annoyed by this that I thought it would be an easy fix to just turn off this feature. Boy, was I wrong!! So here are the steps to get your voicemails to stop sending to your text and back to the voicemail app.

1)  Go into the system settings of your phone and update your profile. Once this is updated turn off your phone and then take out your battery for about 10 seconds. Put battery back in and then turn on your phone.

2) Once phone is back on, go into your voicemail app and click on the microphone icon to compose a new message. In the TO: field type in (NOTE: there are 2 v’s in the vvm, this is not a typing error.)

3) Click the green icon in the middle of your screen to start a recording. Just record a second or two then click on the icon again to stop it. Now go ahead and send the message.

4) Within a few minutes you should start receiving any old message you may have. If nothing comes into your voicemail box, then after about 5 minutes go ahead and leave yourself a voice message and it should come through to your voicemail app again.

I hopes this helps any of you that made the same mistake I did in signing up for the “premium” voicemail feature only to find out you don’t like it. Let me know if this helps you by leaving a comment below.



I had a user with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and was having a hard time trying to get the pictures from his phone onto his computer.  I thought this would be as simple as connecting the phone via a USB cable and then opening up my computer and download the pictures. Boy was I wrong!!  After doing some research I was able to finally figure it out.  It’s a lot harder than it should be, but here are the steps.
1) ** Important: Make sure you have not connected your phone to the computer via the USB cable. You will do this in a later step.**
2) In the Settings menu go to Wireless and network and open.
3) Now go to USB utilities and open. You will see a screen like the one below that says “connect storage to pc“. Click on connect storage to PC button.
4) A message now comes up and says “connect USB cable to use mass storage” like the picture below. At this point you now connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.
5) Now a little green android guy pops up like the picture below. Now tap on the “connect USB storage” button. You will see a little circle come up and then a few seconds later you should see the little green andriod turn orange with a message saying “USB storage in use.” 
6) Now on your computer an Auto Play will pop up on your screen. Click on “open folder to view files.” Now you can open up the DCIM folder, and then open up the camera folder. You will now see all your pics and videos which you can now copy onto your computer.
It seems like a long process but once you do this a couple of times its fairly easy, but not as easy and intuitive as it could be. I hope this helps some of you out there. 🙂