I just read an article today that I thought I would share with you in case you haven’t heard. If your computer is infected with the DNS Changer malware your computer will not be able to access the internet on July 9th, 2012. The FBI is going to prevent computers infected with this virus from accessing the internet.

The DNS changer trojan horse surfaced in 2007 and had infected millions of computers both PC and Mac. It would redirect you to hacked websites and kept your computer from updating or using your antivirus programs.

To see if you are infected with this virus go to http://www.dns-ok.us/ and if your computer is infected you can run a repair tool from Avira at http://www.avira.com/en/support-for-home-knowledgebase-detail/kbid/1199

If you have any questions or have trouble getting rid of this virus please let me know and I would be more than happy to help. But you need to act soon as July 9th is fast approaching.


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