Having updated Adobe Reader XI on several machines I have noticed that it can be really slow to open up and display the PDF file you are trying to view. So here is the quick and easy tip that will make Adobe Reader XI open up much quicker.

Open up Adobe and then hold down the CTRL key and hit H (CTRL+H). This hides the comment pane on the right hide side and puts Adobe Reader into read view mode. Now close out of Adobe.

Now open up a PDF file you have on your desktop or email and Adobe so load up much faster without the comment pane.

Let me know if this helped you by leaving a comment below.


If you recently installed some free game or software you may have also, without noticing, that you may have agreed to also install search conduit. If your browser looks like the picture below then you have the search conduit program installed on your computer. 

search conduit virus/malware

Some have referred to this as a virus while others will call it malware, either way its a very annoying piece of software that takes over your browser homepage settings and starts to display more ads and slow down your computer. So how do you get rid of it? Below are the steps to follow to get rid of this.

1. Open internet explorer and click on the little gear icon in the top right (or the tools button if you have an older version of IE).

2. Select internet options. Now click on the advance tab and then click on RESET button. On the window that pops place a checkmark next to delete personal settings then click on RESET.

3. When it’s finished click on Close and then click OK. Now close out internet explorer

4. Now go to www.malwarebytes.org and download the free version of malwarebytes.

5. Install this program. Once its finish installing it should open up (if not just double click on the malwarebytes icon you see on your desktop).

6. Under the scanner tab you should select Perform a full scan. NOTE: It may take up to a couple of hours to do a complete scan depending on how much data you have on your computer. Just let the scan run until it finishes.

7. Once it’s done running the scan you will be able to click on a button that says Show Results. Click on this.

8. Now place a checkmark next to all the items it found. Make sure you scroll all the way down and checkmark everything. Then click on Remove Selected.

malwarebytes virus removal checklist

9. At this point it will start to remove all the malware it found (including search conduit) and show you a log of what it did and also may tell you that you now need to restart your computer. Go ahead and click YES to restart computer so it can finish removing the malware.

10. If malwarebytes found a lot of things like over 100+ items I recommend that you run another full scan just to make sure your computer is clean.

11. Once your computer boots back up you should now free of search conduit and also another other malware. Open up internet explorer and you should not see the search conduit webpage now.

These steps are not only good for removing search conduit but for any other malware you might have on your computer. I recommend that you run malwarebytes at least once a month or whenever you notice your computer running slower than usual or weird things showing up on your computer.

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Does your sprint phone voice messages all of sudden start going straight to text? Do you get a message saying “(some number) has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. To listen call 650-603-0000 or click: http://smsvoice.sprint.com/iv.do (bunch of numbers)?” And when you try and call the number you just get a busy dial tone.

I recently came across this problem on my own phone and was soo annoyed by this that I thought it would be an easy fix to just turn off this feature. Boy, was I wrong!! So here are the steps to get your voicemails to stop sending to your text and back to the voicemail app.

1)  Go into the system settings of your phone and update your profile. Once this is updated turn off your phone and then take out your battery for about 10 seconds. Put battery back in and then turn on your phone.

2) Once phone is back on, go into your voicemail app and click on the microphone icon to compose a new message. In the TO: field type in activate@vvm.sprint.com (NOTE: there are 2 v’s in the vvm, this is not a typing error.)

3) Click the green icon in the middle of your screen to start a recording. Just record a second or two then click on the icon again to stop it. Now go ahead and send the message.

4) Within a few minutes you should start receiving any old message you may have. If nothing comes into your voicemail box, then after about 5 minutes go ahead and leave yourself a voice message and it should come through to your voicemail app again.

I hopes this helps any of you that made the same mistake I did in signing up for the “premium” voicemail feature only to find out you don’t like it. Let me know if this helps you by leaving a comment below.



If your like me everyone once in a while you like to clean out the junk that falls into your keyboard and dust balls inside your computer. I usually buy cans of compressed air and try to buy them in bulk at Costco or whenever I see them on sale. But while I was on Amazon and searching for some cans of compressed air I came across this electric hand held duster.


I just recevied it today and I have to say this is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile. Not only will this save me money in the long run it is pretty powerful and my hands now longer freeze to death. 🙂 

The only downside with this is that it is pretty loud (almost like a vacuum cleaner), but I can now clean my computers (and my clients computers) without having to worry about running out of compressed air. Plus it’s also good to know that I’m no longer throwing away empty cans of air and adding to waste.

So if your in the market of buying more cans of compressed air you should really consider buying one of these..

If you have one of these let me know what other uses have you found that this comes in handy for.


Came across this error today and after about half hour trying to uninstall and reinstall updated drivers for HP I was able to finally figure out what the problem was and here is how I fixed it.


First you need to check the add/remove programs in windows and make sure you don’t see any HP printer programs installed. If you see any make sure you uninstall them.

Next, you need to download the Windows Installer Cleaner at http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=4459 and install this program. Once you have it installed open up the program and now find BPD_scan and remove it. Do the same for BPD_fax and BPD_software if they are there also.

Now try and run the HP driver installer and it should work with no problems now. It shouldn’t be this hard to install printer drivers and I really think HP needs to make their own cleanup utility program for situations like this.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone save you the time and hassel of trying to do a simple update of your HP printer drivers.