Today I came across a Dell GX520 that is in small factor form (SFF) that would turn right away once you tried to turn it on. It gave no error code or beeps. It would just turn off and if you tried to turn it back on it would do the same thing.

So I started to disable the connections to the cd-rom and floppy drives and still nothing. I finally removed both sticks of RAM and now the computer would beep but not turn off. Now that I know the computer is able to stay on and not shut off right away I knew that the motherboard and power supply had to be ok…it had to be the memory I just removed.

I put one of the memory sticks back into dimm slot 1 and turned it on. It turned off right away again. I then took it out and put the other memory chip in. This time it turned on and stayed on and finally booted into windows. YAH! 

One of the memory sticks had gone bad and this was causing the computer to shut down right away. So if you come across this type of problem with any type of computer try removing the memory and installing one by one to find out if you have a bad memory chip.

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While I was working on a pretty big spreadsheet today I needed to see the data on rows as I was working on. I would be over in column J and wanted to see what data was in columns B and D. I thought if there was a way I could highlight the row that I was working with it would make it soo much easier.

After some searching I found this video below. It’s pretty easy to follow and was a life saver for my eyes and made going through my data much easier. This is a feature that Microsoft should incorporate into the next release of Excel. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or problems getting this to work let me know.

Came across this error today on a computer that would connect to the internet just fine but when you tried to go to another page you would get this error message. After a little troubleshooting I was able to find a quick and easy fix for this. Here are the steps to fix this problem. 

1) Open up Interet Explorer and then go to tools > internet options.

2) Click on the Connections tab.

3) Now click on the button that says “Lan Settings

4) Place a checkmark on “Automatically detect settings.”

5) Now click OK and then click on OK again to close the settings box. Close out Internet Explorer and open it back up. You should be able to go to any webpage and not get this error anymore.

I hope this helps you and if you still have problems let me know and I can give you some other things to try.

I just wanted to give a brief overview of what malware is and the difference between this and viruses. Malware stands for malicious software and is software that gets installed on your computer without your approval. Malware is a general terms that is often used to describe all of the spyware, worms, viruses, and pretty much just about anything else that is created to mess up your computer and steal information off of it.

Viruses are programs that can replicate themselves and try to infect more than one computer. It is designed to spread itself onto more computers and wreak havoc this way. Some viruses will try and delete files or corrupt system files to render your computer inoperable. In general viruses try to wreak havoc and “break” your computer by changing or deleting files.

In my next post I will go over the steps I take to clean and repair a computer that has malware on it.


I just read an article today that I thought I would share with you in case you haven’t heard. If your computer is infected with the DNS Changer malware your computer will not be able to access the internet on July 9th, 2012. The FBI is going to prevent computers infected with this virus from accessing the internet.

The DNS changer trojan horse surfaced in 2007 and had infected millions of computers both PC and Mac. It would redirect you to hacked websites and kept your computer from updating or using your antivirus programs.

To see if you are infected with this virus go to and if your computer is infected you can run a repair tool from Avira at

If you have any questions or have trouble getting rid of this virus please let me know and I would be more than happy to help. But you need to act soon as July 9th is fast approaching.