Came across this error today after installing adobe professional on a laptop.  When the user opened up word it came up with this error message.  It’s easy to fix and all you need to do is:

1) Open the Control Panel, double-click Programs &
Features, find and select Office 2007 or Office 2003 (depending on whats installed on your computer)

2) Click on the Change button. Chose Add or Remove
Features. From the list, expand Office Shared Features, click on the little
arrow attached to Visual Basic for Applications and select the Run from My
Computer Option.

3) Click Continue. Setup will then install the VBA code that
you need. Note: You may need to put your installation CD so it can copy the necessary files.

Now when you open up Word this error will not appear and you should be all set.

Here is a quick tip on how to reset your Firefox settings.  If your Firefox has been crashing or not acting right this is a great way to restore everything back to the orginal default settings.


1. Start Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode.

Start -> All Programs -> Mozilla Firefox -> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)

2. Now on the windows that pops up select “Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults” and click on makes changes and restart. (See screenshot below)

4. Now Firefox will open back up with its default settings and you should be OK from here. 

Hope this helps as this is a great little tip to get your Firefox working properly again.

This one took me a couple of hours to figure out and did a lot of searching to finally get windows vista sp1 to install on a laptop I was working on.  Below are the steps I did to resolve this PITA issue. 🙂  I hope this helps someone out there.

1. Uninstall any anti virus program you have installed.

2. Click on start -> run and type in msconfig –  Then select the diagnostic startup option. Reboot computer.

3. Run the Readiness tool.  You can download it from here

4. Click on start ->run and type in cmd – Then in the command box that opens up type cd \ and then type sfc /scannow

5. After the scan runs (may take awhile) then type in takeown /F %windir%\winsxs\backup /r /d y

then type in cacls %windir%\winsxs\backup /g administrators:f

then type exit

6. Now go to and download windows vista sp1. Depending on the version of vista you have you’ll either download the 32 bit version (x86) or the 64 bit (x64) one.  Make sure you download the stand-alone versions. If you don’t know which version of vista you have it’s easy to find out.  Right click on my computer and choose properties.  You’ll find a line called “system type” and it will say 32 or 64 bit operation system.

7. Now run vista sp1 that you downloaded.  This could take an hour to install so be patient.

8. Once it’s installed and you have rebooted and everything is working now click  on start -> run and type in msconfig.  Now select “normal startup” and reboot your computer. 

9. Now that you have your computer updated with sp1 now would be a good time to get all the other windows updates you need.  So click on start go to control panel and select windows update. click on check for updates and install any updates it finds.  You may have to restart and do this process several times but keep doing it till you get a message saying there are no updates available.

10. Now that you have a fully updated computer and latest service packs you need to install your anti virus program back on.  DONE!

I know it seems like a lot of things to do and will take sometime (the one i worked on took like 4 hours) but you’ll have an updated windows vista computer and will have peace of mind knowing you have all the security updates needed. If you have any problems feel free to leave a comment and i’ll do my best to help.  Good luck!

So I came across a computer today that had some very odd symptoms such as: 1) When I would try to go to the windows update website I would get a blank page 2) I couldn’t start system restore to try and do  a system restore from days or even weeks prior 3) A lot of web pages and sites weren’t displaying correctly although some were ok, 4) Many applications weren’t working right and I even tried to do a system scan with the McAfee anti virus the user had.

So after doing a bunch of research online and booting the computer in safe mode to check things out it turns out a bunch of stuff was unregistered. So here’s what I did and it worked for me: I ran the following commands to reregister the following.
regsvr32 jscript
regsvr32 vbscript
regsvr32 /i mshtml

then ran hitman pro 3.5 and combofix to find and remove the rootkits and malware that was on this computer.  I also ran a full virus scan afterwards just to make sure everything was clean.
This solved the problem and the computer is now back to normal. 

I will be doing another write up on hitman pro and combo fix along with some of the other virus and malware tools I use to find and clean viruses, malware and rootkits on computers.  Hitman Pro use to be free but now cost like $20 to buy in order for it to remove the stuff it finds.  I have bought this program and highly recommend it as it does find a lot of the malware and rootkits and is able to remove them with no problem.

Hope this helps and let me know of programs you have found that help remove malware and viruses.

When you open up an email in outlook do you see a big red X where the image should be?  I have a quick tip that just might solve this problem.

First backup your data then restart your computer.

Once your computer is backup and running you’ll need to open the registry by clicking on Start then Run and type regedit and click OK.

Now before we proceed you should make a backup of your registry in case something goes wrong or you delete the incorrect thing.  First click on Computer in the registry editor window to make sure it becomes highlighted.  Now click on File and select Export and give it a name like regbackup and click Save. With your regsitry now backed up we can now proceed.

On the left hand side of the Registry Editor windows go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER click the plus on the left to expand it and click the plus next to Software.

Now click on the plus next to Microsoft then Office then 11.0, Outlook, Security and finally double click on the OutlookSecureTempFolder in the right hand window.

** Note: the %USERPROFILE% may be the users name of the person logged into the computer.

Now highlight and delete %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK3D\ then click OK

Close the Registry Editor, reboot your computer and Outlook should work fine now and you should be able to see the pictures now instead of a red X.

Let me know if this fixed your problem as it has worked great for users I have come across with this problem.