If you ever have logged into windows and your desktop doesn’t come up or your files aren’t showing up, you probably have a corrupted profile. This can happen for a number of reasons as sometimes the computer doesn’t shutdown properly or power outage or hard drive failing.

I was able to find a nice tutorial online at http://www.theonlinetutorials.com/how-to-resolve-windows-xp-temp-profile-problem.html that gives good detail instructions on how to recover from a damaged profile. I have tested this out and it works great.

So if you ever run into this give this a try and let me know if it helps you.


Having updated Adobe Reader XI on several machines I have noticed that it can be really slow to open up and display the PDF file you are trying to view. So here is the quick and easy tip that will make Adobe Reader XI open up much quicker.

Open up Adobe and then hold down the CTRL key and hit H (CTRL+H). This hides the comment pane on the right hide side and puts Adobe Reader into read view mode. Now close out of Adobe.

Now open up a PDF file you have on your desktop or email and Adobe so load up much faster without the comment pane.

Let me know if this helped you by leaving a comment below.


If your like me everyone once in a while you like to clean out the junk that falls into your keyboard and dust balls inside your computer. I usually buy cans of compressed air and try to buy them in bulk at Costco or whenever I see them on sale. But while I was on Amazon and searching for some cans of compressed air I came across this electric hand held duster.


I just recevied it today and I have to say this is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile. Not only will this save me money in the long run it is pretty powerful and my hands now longer freeze to death. 🙂 

The only downside with this is that it is pretty loud (almost like a vacuum cleaner), but I can now clean my computers (and my clients computers) without having to worry about running out of compressed air. Plus it’s also good to know that I’m no longer throwing away empty cans of air and adding to waste.

So if your in the market of buying more cans of compressed air you should really consider buying one of these..

If you have one of these let me know what other uses have you found that this comes in handy for.