Came across this error today and after about half hour trying to uninstall and reinstall updated drivers for HP I was able to finally figure out what the problem was and here is how I fixed it.


First you need to check the add/remove programs in windows and make sure you don’t see any HP printer programs installed. If you see any make sure you uninstall them.

Next, you need to download the Windows Installer Cleaner at and install this program. Once you have it installed open up the program and now find BPD_scan and remove it. Do the same for BPD_fax and BPD_software if they are there also.

Now try and run the HP driver installer and it should work with no problems now. It shouldn’t be this hard to install printer drivers and I really think HP needs to make their own cleanup utility program for situations like this.

Anyways, I hope this helps someone save you the time and hassel of trying to do a simple update of your HP printer drivers.