reset-trio-stealth-g2Here is a quick tip for today on how to reset the Trio Stealth G2 tablet. This is helpful in case you forgot your password or looking to do a clean reset of your tablet.

1) Turn the tablet off.

2) Hold down the + volume button and then turn on the tablet.

3) Keep holding down on the + volume button till you see a safe mode screen (like the picture on the right). Takes about a minute for this screen to show up.

4) Now let go of the + volume button and press the – volume button to move the selection down to do a factory reset. Then hit the power button to select this option. It will ask you if you are sure and again you will need to hit the – volume button to scroll all the way down to select Yes, delete data and reset. Now hit the power button and the tablet will reboot.

5) Once the tablet reboots and comes on again it will ask you all the questions again to setup your tablet. Go through the process and once you are finished your tablet will be back to where it was when you first bought it.

If you have any problems or questions leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to help. Just know that all data on the tablet will be lost.

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