So I came across this problem the other day and thought I would say what I did to resolve this problem. The computer would load certain websites OK like yahoo, espn, and bing. But would not load Google or AOL facebook and many others. I first ran a malwarebytes scan which found a couple of things and after cleaning things up and restarting the computer, I was still unable to load the Google homepage.

After some more research I found that when I ping it was coming back with a 87.139 ip address range. I checked the host file and didn’t see anything abnormal. So after checking out a few more things and further research I determined the computer had a rootkit and was redirecting all these websites to a different IP. I downloaded and ran TSSKiller.exe  which found a rootkit and was able to successfully remove it. After another restart I was able to access Google and other sites with no problem.

Hopes this helps anyone as this was a tricky one to figure out.


I was setting up a new Dell Optiplex 790 today and after installing (Windows 7 pro 64 bit edition), I was trying to download the drivers for it and having a hard time downloading them from Dell’s website. I went to my laptop and had no probleming downloading them. I then updated the nic driver for the Optiplex and still had problems. While after searching on Google for awhile I came across a fix:

You need to go to an elevated command prompt. You can read about how to get to that here:

Once you have the elevated command prompt type in:  

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

You should a message that says “Ok.”

Now you should have no problems with downloading files as this solved my problem.  This is the first time since working on a windows 7 machine that I have ever experienced this. Hope this helps you.